About Us

In our 20-plus years designing and implementing control systems, we saw a need in our industry for entities that don’t have the capital to invest in a traditional SCADA system (including computers, software, radio telemetry infrastructure, etc.), in areas where distance or topography is prohibitive for conventional radio telemetry, or for temporary monitoring situations.

How We Fill The System Integration Gap

QuickDATA fills this gap by hosting HMI software on the cloud.  Sites can be monitored and/or controlled through existing cellular networks or satellite. The QuickDATA portal can also be used to access the HMI system on our cloud infrastructure. Clients can quickly see the status of their particular assets and/or control them.  In the event of an alarm or communication failure, the system notifies the designated parties via voice, e-mail or text.

The total cost and speed of implementation is significantly less than that of traditional system integration. From simple systems such as monitoring a single tank level to monitoring and controlling pump stations we have solutions for almost any application.

QuickDATA system integration ranges from simple off the shelf items to fully customized, to meet the client’s operational needs.

Get in touch with QuickDATA today and let us find a solution that will meet your needs.


Solutions developed based on our application knowledge and understanding of clients needs, resulting in intuitive operation and minimal maintenance.


Providing the ability to be more proactive than reactive in all business processes.


QuickDATA provides fast and accurate data giving you quick ROI.